Premium Gifts Can Be Cost-Effective Without Being Cheap

With the holiday season quickly approaching, now is the time to choose premium gift items to show appreciation for your valued clients and invaluable staff. You don't want to be like Scrooge, but let's face it; the poor economy has affected all types of businesses and everyone is trying to cut costs. But that does not mean your company cannot give unique and useful gifts this year.

There are companies who specialize in the sale of affordable corporate gift items. Some companies offer premium gift items with prices starting at under 1 dollar and ranging to under 10 dollars. These items are not junk, but useful and attractive gifts anyone would be pleased to receive.

For VIP clients, purchase several premium gift items that correspond and package them in an attractive gift basket or place the items in one of the handy corporate travel bags. For example, take a passport cover, pocket organizer, USB heated coffee mug, radio-calculator combo, and pack them in a travel bag bearing your corporate name and logo. This is an ideal gift for the businessman on the go who will be reminded of your company every time he uses this gift.

Gifts for staff members need to be of a slightly different caliber; something of a more personal nature. Photo frames are ideal gifts for your staff. These beautiful metal frames can be used to display pictures of their families or pets on their desks at work. Other items that are appropriate for staff members are the decorative lamp or USB heated coffee mug.

When you leave your company gift giving to these experts, there will be no worries about the quality of the items you give and you can rest assured they will be delivered on time and in good condition. You can rely on this company to oversee the process from start to finish; from design to production to delivery. So leave a lasting impression on your clients and give gifts that say something about your company and the products it sells.

Source by Charles Cheow

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