Naseeruddin Shah Recalls The Day His Attitude Towards Prayer Changed

Naseeruddin Shah has not too long ago appeared within the quick movie “Half Full”, the movie additionally options Vikrant Massey,

Iconic actor Naseeruddin Shah remembers an incident from his early days within the metropolis when he was a struggler, and the way a second of realisation again then modified his perspective in the direction of prayer eternally.”I can recall that day even now. I was very vulnerable back then. I had no work, no friends in the city, no money to buy my bread and it felt like all the doors were closed. I thought I would pray. While performing Wudu I began to think, what is prayer about? Is it “saudebaazi’ (bargaining), the place I say, “God please give me this and I will become that and I will offer you that’? No! That should not be the reason why we pray! That day and ever since, I never prayed to ask anything from the Almighty. My attitude towards prayer changed forever,” the veteran actor advised IANS.

“I only pray to express gratitude. When I was broken, I realised that the only solution is to get work and whoever offers me would appear to me as ‘God-like’. I have to hold myself strong till then. I think begging to God for things while praying is despicable,” he added.

Shah has not too long ago appeared within the quick movie “Half Full”. Directed by debutant Karan Rawal, the movie additionally options Vikrant Massey, and can premiere on the OTT platform ZEE5.

What made him join a brief movie directed by a greenhorn filmmaker? “I am very supportive of these short films that are made by young filmmakers. They have a voice that they express through storytelling and I think if the idea is good, it deserves support. I receive several scripts but I do not agree to work with all of them. You see, the idea, the story matters to me. I did not know this young man Karan before reading the script. That way, I did not know Shekhar Kapur before doing ‘Masoom’, I did not know Neeraj (Pandey) before doing’A Wednesday’. For me, the story matters. When I came on board for this film, I found the script interesting,” he defined.

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