Meet artist ‘Da Vinci’ Suresh who creates portraits of movie stars from everyday materials

“I am a big fan of him [Amitabh Bachchan],” says artist Suresh PK as he wraps up the 25×15 ft portrait of the veteran actor utilizing material masks. He is inside an auditorium in Thrissur.

Once executed, Suresh inspects his work, clicks {a photograph}, collects the masks and places it right into a bag. “I have to clear this floor in the next hour. I hope the photo finds its way to Amitabh Bachchan through social media,” says Suresh.

The artist — often called ‘Da Vinci’ Suresh — is widespread for his unorthodox method to artwork and decisions of media. “I keep looking out for things to experiment with. I love movies and that shows in my works. Most of my portraits are of movie stars.”

‘Da Vinci’ Suresh together with his work

Suresh began his profession by portray hoardings and billboards in Thrissur together with his brothers. “As they made way to digitally printed ones, I lost my job. Then I started to make moving sculptures for carnivals and festivals. I have crafted huge elephants that can sway their heads, and gorillas that can move their hands using fibre and motors,” he says.

However, given the present scenario, gross sales have decreased. “There are no gatherings and many artists like me have lost our livelihood. Earlier I created art during my spare time. Now, I use my time to experiment,” he says.

One of his first works was of actor Mohanlal’s portrait, made three years in the past, utilizing vessels from his kitchen. “It was the character Aadu Thoma from the movie, Spadikam. It was fairly difficult because it wasn’t a really versatile medium. I used previous blackened pots to create his hair and moustache,” he says.

Medium issues

In the previous six months, actors Rajinikanth, Prithviraj Sukumaran, Fahadh Faasil, Tovino Thomas, and freedom fighter Muhammed Abdu Rahiman Sahib have been made into portraits.

Meet artist ‘Da Vinci’ Suresh who creates portraits of movie stars from everyday materials

While Rajinikanth was executed on the ceiling of his bed room, utilizing soot from burning candles, the portrait of Prithviraj Sukumaran was created utilizing firewood. “Fahadh’s portrait made of nails looks like dot painting from a distance. I plan to gift it to him. The work of Muhammed Abdu Rahiman Sahib using books, was more like a sculpture and was done in a public library for Independence Day. I used 2,000 books for that work,” he says.

For Tovino’s portrait with paddy, Suresh divided the sphere into cells and planted paddy into designated areas on the bottom. “It was 35 x 20 feet in area and was designed for an aerial view. It took me almost four hours to complete. Tovino shared the photo on his social media pages and I was thrilled,” he provides.

Recently, Suresh accomplished a challenge executed by Kerala Cartoon Mission, in affiliation with Kerala Social Security Mission, to attract cartoons on public partitions to unfold consciousness on the pandemic. “I was one of the 30 artists chosen for the project. We covered all the 14 districts in 14 days.”

He is now trying to check out over 100 media for his artwork. “I have completed 62 so far. I hope my works will be an inspiration for others to travel on an untravelled route. I have planned my next work, but I would like it to be a surprise!”

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