Me and my family were down with coronavirus, reveals actor Purab Kohli, says they are recovering now

New Delhi: Actor Purab Kohli in an Instagram publish on Tuesday revealed that he and his family were down with coronavirus. He stated they had common flu, however as per their physician, the signs were of the lethal illness. Purab, at the moment in London, stated that his daughter Inaya received it first, then his spouse Lucy and later, he additionally developed the signs and their son Osian acquired it too.

“We’ve just had a flu and given our symptoms our GP says we were down with COVID- 19. Pretty similar to a regular flu with a stronger cough and a feeling of breathlessness. Inaya got it first and very mild. A cough and a cold for two days. Then Lucy got it more in the chest, quite similar to the cough symptom everyone has been talking about. Then me, I got a solid cold for one day which was horrid then it vanished and this irritating cough set in for 3 days. Three of us had only mild 100-10 temperatures and fatigue. Osian got it last with a 104 fever for 3 nights. Also a runny nose and a slight cough. His fever disappeared only on his 5th day,” learn an excerpt from the actor’s publish.

He talked about that the family is consistently in contact with their physician and needed to share their story to “help reduce the panic” as individuals will know somebody who has had it and is ok.

“On Wednesday last week. we were out of self-imposed quarantine and are not contagious any longer. Please stay safe. I hope none of you get it but if you do, know that your body is strong enough to fight it. Seek proper advice from your doctors as the intensity of each case is different as was in my household alone. And please stay home and rest the body as much as possible,” he added.

Read Purab’s full publish right here:

The novel coronavirus, which originated from China’s Wuhan City, has introduced all the world to a standstill. India is observing a lockdown until April 14 as a safety measure to comprise the virus. As of Tuesday night, the full variety of COVID-19 circumstances within the nation reached 4,421 and the demise toll is at 114.

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