International Delegates Day is observed on 25 April

International Delegates Day is observed on 25 April

International Delegate’s Day is observed on 25 April. The day goals to boost consciousness of the function of the representatives and delegates of the Member States to the United Nations.


  • International Delegate’s Day marks the anniversary of the primary day of the San Francisco Conference which is also referred to as the United Nations Conference on International Organization.

  • On 25 April 1945, delegates from 50 nations got here collectively for the primary time in San Francisco. The convention occurred after the devastation of the second world battle. The delegates aimed to arrange a corporation that will restore world peace and imposes guidelines on the post-war world order.

  • On 26 June 1945, the Charter of the United Nations was signed by representatives of the 50 nations that attended the convention. The settlement resulted within the creation of the United Nations (UN).

  • The UN includes 193 Member States and serves as the primary worldwide venue for collective dialogue between the delegates of its Member States. On 2 April 2019, the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) proclaimed 25 April as International Delegate‚Äôs Day.

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