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ICC Members to Discuss Contingency Plans in Wake of COVID-19

ICC Members to Discuss Contingency Plans in Wake of COVID-19
The member nations of the International Cricket Council (ICC) will likely be engaged in a video convention on Friday to talk about contingency plans in the wake of world lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemic.

The high-profile ICC T20 World Cup scheduled in Australia from mid-October together with the bilateral Test collection as an element of World Test Championship schedule could possibly be in for a rejig in case the lockdown continues for one more two months.

However, one ICC Board member made it clear that no choice will likely be taken throughout Friday’s video convention.

“It’s more about an update on contingency planning at this stage. In case of an extreme situation, there should be plan B and C ready. So we board members need to understand the options available,” the veteran administrator stated.

“Obviously, the situation currently is very serious and COVID-19 and its implications is on agenda. But if you think logically, World T20 is in October and final of World Test Championship is in June, 2021. So we have time and no point in taking any decision in haste. No decisions expected on Friday. It’s more of a stock taking,” he added.

However, if the lockdown continues past June, then member nations will likely be compelled to ponder choices in regards to the bilateral collection which has factors related to World Test Championship.

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