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Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday introduced a lockdown throughout the nation for 21 days from Tuesday midnight, asserting that that is essential for a “decisive battle” towards the outbreak.

Modi, in his second tackle to the nation since Sunday, stated India will face a monetary pressure however saving individuals’s lives is of the paramount curiosity. Here are key quotes from his speech.

“If we don’t handle these 21 days well, then our country, your family will go backwards by 21 years”.

“Experts are saying that social distancing is the one strategy to take care of the disaster throughout the globe. There is not any different strategy to take care of and we have to save ourselves. And we have now to interrupt the cycle of its an infection.”

“India would have to pay massively if citizens are careless and thus everyone must take the lockdown seriously.”

“WHO (World Health Organization) says the Covid-19 infected person can transmit hundreds of people in a matter of week.”

The virus took 67 days to contaminate 100,000 individuals worldwide. In subsequent 11 days, 100,000 extra had been contaminated. The quantity reached 300,000 in subsequent four days, he added.

“This lockdown is in a way curfew and would be more stringent than Janta curfew. “Jaan hain toh jahaan hain,” he stated concerning the voluntary lockdown on Sunday.

“India is at the stage where our actions today will decide to what extent we can bring down the impact of this disaster.”

“CORONA means ‘Koi Road Par Na Nikle’ (No one must go out on the roads). One step out of your door, beyond the ‘lakshman rekha’, can bring in this deadly disease to your home.”

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