Dia Mirza hits back at netizens targeting her for crying during climate change discussion: It’s called having a heart | Hindi Movie News

Dia Mirza broke down in tears whereas talking at a climate change dialogue at an occasion. A video of the teary actress went viral on social media whereby she was stating, “Don’t hold back from being an empath. Don’t be afraid of shedding your tears. Feel it, feel the full extent of everything. It’s good. It gives us strength. It does. And this is not a performance.” Internet stood divided over her outbreak. While a few netizens called Dia Mirza ‘sasti Greta’, others expressed help to her.

Replying to these targeting her emotional second, Dia replied to a person stating, “Its called having a heart. Try it sometime. It makes you a part of the solution.” In a collection of replies the actress went on to talk about not hiding one’s true emotions.

At the occasion Dia defined that she turned emotional after she heard the information about basket participant Kobe Bryant and his daughter’s demise in a helicopter crash. “My day started really well yesterday… At around 3 (early morning), this news alert came on my phone for a very big player, NBA player, who I followed for a while. His chopper crashing in California disturbed me. It really upset me. There are different things that upset us on different days, but we take care of ourselves. I was overwhelmed because my blood pressure was low.”

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