COVID-19: Indo-European Orchestra’s online video ‘Mozart in Quarantine’ is dedicated to doctors, nurses and healthcare workers

Watching medical doctors, nurses and well being care workers battle COVID-19, Michael Makhal, the founding father of Indo-European Orchestra, was impressed to say ‘thank you’ by way of his music. His online video Mozart in Quarantine — that includes 12 of his orchestra members unfold throughout India, USA, Italy and Hungary — is dedicated to the medical fraternity on the front-line who threat their lives. “Music heals, relaxes and brings hope,” he says.

The four-minute piece is a soulful rendition; in the video, Michael because the orchestra conductor and his musicians play in tandem to ring a bell because the the spirit of Mozart permeates all by way of. Michael selected Mozart as ‘even those who don’t perceive western classical music can soak in this outpouring of melody.’ He provides, “Mozart has been the global icon of western classical music for centuries, his well-known ‘Eine kleine Nachtmusik’ is a joyful piece. There is anxiety and gloom all around and people are worried about their lives, jobs and loved ones. We like to bring happiness through our music on social media platforms during this pandemic. Music has great power to keep us hopeful and mentally active.”

Michael had introduced this piece at a global pageant two years in the past. The audio hyperlink was despatched to the members, who practised and recorded their half to ship it again to him. The musical bits have been then combined to current a digital orchestra. One of the challenges the musicians confronted whereas doing so was to observe the audio monitor whereas enjoying their half. Michael factors out the musicians had their earphones and would hear to the monitor from one ear and how they’re enjoying in the opposite ear. Since they couldn’t hear and play, one had to be alert whereas enjoying. A delay of even a fraction of a second may alter the notes. There have been a couple of minor errors but it surely is extra stunning than I anticipated it to be.”


The focus was to additionally characterize each the Indian music and conventional western classical music from Europe. It was a novel collaboration between an Indian musician and musicians of the world. “We are all safe enjoying the comforts in our homes. We want to spread the message of positivity and healing.”

Sharing his reference to Europe, Michael says it was heartbreaking to see the pictures in Italy. “Since 2016, we have grown a wonderful musical bond with Italy. I was the only member from India who participated in the prestigious ‘Luci Della Ribaltaa International Festival’ in Narni, Italy. Since then, I have been attending the Fest and introducing Indian talents. We had over a dozen young and advanced western classical musicians who attended the Fest in Italy in 2019. We studied and performed music together with musicians from Europe and around the world. Quite a few musicians in this video of our Indo-European Orchestra are from Italy; I met them at this fest over the last few years and have become good friends. We have also built a wonderful musical bond with Hungary.”

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