Coronavirus impact: MPs to take cuts in constituency and office allowance

Members of Parliament (MPs) could have to take 30 per cent lower in a number of the allowances corresponding to these associated to constituency and office work. Instead of Rs 70,000 a month constituency allowance they are going to get Rs 49,000 from April 1 this 12 months, in accordance to notifications issued by the Lok Sabha and secretariats.

Similarly, their office expense allowance has been lower to Rs 14,000 a month, from Rs 20,000, in accordance to a notification issued by the secretariat.

The authorities additionally promulgated an Ordinance to lower the wage of MPs by 30 per cent. The Salary, Allowances And Pension of Members of Parliament (Amendment) Ordinance, 2020, will come into pressure instantly.

The ordinance was cleared by the on Monday.

A Bill to exchange the ordinance will likely be introduced in the following session of Parliament.

The ordinance states that the pandemic has proven the significance of expeditious reduction and help and subsequently, it’s essential to take “certain emergency measures to prevent and contain the spread of this pandemic”.

“… In order to manage and control such situation, it has become necessary to raise resources by reduction of salaries and allowances of Members of Parliament…,” the ordinance says.

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