Akshaya CR uses everyday objects as subjects for her illustrations

As a baby, Akshaya CR spent hours trying into the clouds from her balcony. “I saw elephants, tortoises and humans in those clouds. I even came up with little stories around them,” she recollects. With time, Akshaya’s creativeness grew and now she uses her social media web page known as ‘FACE’ing issues’ to precise herself. “I started by taking a picture of the clock in my room. Then I drew a face on the image and made it look sad. My friends loved it and asked me to make more such sketches inspired from things around. This encouraged me to start the page in 2017. Over the past four years, I completed 100 artworks,” says the 26-year-old. She is an architect and works as an assistant professor at SASI Creative Institute of Design.

Akshaya’s works are easy and cheerful. “I am a very positive person and it reflects in my works. I don’t preach, I just do art to bring a smile to the person who is seeing it.” She is a self-taught artist and does her illustrations on an i-pad. “It takes me solely half an hour for the illustrations. My subjects embody mirrors, milk cans, pins, tablets, balls, fruits and extra. She intently observes individuals round her to find out about feelings. Expressions of her favorite characters from the cartoons Tom and Jerry, Powerpuff Girls, and Dexter’s Laboratory additionally discover a place in her works. For instance, she has drawn an offended neyyappam with the face of Tasmanian Devil from Looney Tunes. “I beloved the way it turned out. My followers additionally despatched me images of random issues that they discovered of their properties and I used them too in my designs,” she says

Akshaya CR uses everyday objects as subjects for her illustrations

Akshaya has additionally collaborated with company corporations. “My most challenging project was a calendar using a single leaf. I had to create 12 different characters using a leaf and it was both challenging and fun. I created tortoise, bugs, humans and more with it,” she says. Her favorite work exhibits a six-month-old little one browsing on the ocean whereas the solar seems to be down at her in amazement. “She is my niece. We had a photoshoot organised for her and I decided to add some fun to those images.”

Akshaya is now centered on creating extra on GIF’s and animations. “I met the popular animator Vibhav Kumaresh last year. He is known for the advertisement campaigns for Vodaphone and Amaron Battery. I showed him my work and he encouraged me to concentrate on animation. I draw every frame and it takes me at least two weeks to come up with a piece,” she says. She plans to give you a brand new sequence on her web page quickly. “I am brainstorming for ideas. During the lockdown, I have been honing my skills in animation. Now my content will be even better,” she smiles.

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