Adapting gyms for social distancing

The post-Covid fitness center can be a really totally different house, particularly the back-end engineering, believes Kunal Naithani of White Studio Architects. “Visually, they will have more spaced-out configurations, and transitional spaces between zones [such as free weights and the cardio section] will be a lot wider. We will see translucent screens between equipment to minimise physical contact,” says the New Delhi-based architect, who has designed Fitness First Health Clubs’ centres within the nation, and gyms in Mumbai and the capital.

Material finishes are additionally going by means of deeper scrutiny for viral behaviour (research of different coronaviruses have discovered that they remained on steel, glass and plastic for as much as 9 days).

“From an engineering perspective, new gyms will look at dedicated broadcast studios to record and stream workouts. We are already doing research and development for things like air conditioning and sanitisation systems, which will be critical to ensure consumer safety and health,” he says, including that showers and steam rooms will play an excellent larger position.

The design train may even have a pre-vaccine and post-vaccine temporary. “This will be the main challenge. We will have to design it as layers, where space usage is optimal and ‘switchable’ — a spaced out gym with lesser equipment [pre-vaccine], but ensuring it can be adapted for denser equipment placement post-vaccine.”

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